I have packed some fresh herb into the vaporizer and listening to The Doors, I am sitting down to write my first article in a long time on a subject that I know a little bit about.  Medical Marijuana or Marihuana in my State, Michigan.

When I first learned how to grow weed indoors, I started out with soil and I am admitting for the first time in public that I used Miracle-Gro for my first few grows, only because I didn’t know there was something on the market that was better.  I am not starting the Miracle-Gro/Ocean Forest debate, there are website forums for that.  Both work equally great in given situations.

I am currently using both hydro as well as soil.  For my soil grows I use a mixture of Ocean Forest and Happy Frog and I also add other nutrients to help with the roots as well as making the pH a little more stable and less “hot”.  But with both hydro and soil, I am using General Hydroponics nutrients just in different doses and schedules.  I am also adding Kushie Kush by Advanced Nutrient for my hydro grows in the last 3 weeks of 12.12 and I use Big Bloom and Beastie Buds for soil, all the way through flowering from week 1 to harvest.

First I am picky about taste and flavor, in my real job I am a restaurant consulting chef, so if my taste is off, I am out of work.  I can taste many things that some can not, so when I say that soil gives you better flavor, please trust me on that.

Soil is the most forgiving plant medium to work in as it takes some time to absorb the material in the soil as with hydro it is almost instantaneous.  After I was sure that I had soil mastered where I wasn’t killing or burning anymore plants, I asked my Cannabis Guru, JimmyBud what was next.
JimmyBud has been growing weed indoors and outdoors since he was a youngster in the 40’s so I know what he has taught me and am spreading the love.

I have grown a plant for 7 months in a DWC for only 1.2oz of usable medicine once, just because I wanted to have that particular flavor.  I have also grown some monster quantities in my 18 site hydro hybrid I made and walked away with enough medicine to send me to federal custody for a long time.
I bought my first hydro system from JimmyBud and it worked so awesome and the results were so much faster using hydro that it blew soil away in comparison.  I could veg in 7 days and get 13” of growth and threw them into 12.12 and have them done in 10-11 weeks and have that on a perpetual cycle you are cranking some serious medicine.  But it was lacking the soul and the flavor of worry and stress that you put out watching over your ladies.
I am now using soil for “my” medicine and I am using the hydro for my patients so they are never without their medicine that rely on me to provide.

If you are learning how to grow weed indoors it is up to you which medium to choose, soil and hydro are not your only options but I hope to have given you some insight as to some pros and cons of soil vs. Hydro. You may even want to consider using Armstrong Steel Building kits as your grow house. This will offer you the privacy and climate control that you are looking for.