It has come to my attention that many growers are not aware of a technique that needs to be utilized. If you want to get the most out of your garden you need to pinch the tops of each stem of the plant. When you pinch back the the tops of each stem is causes the two growing shoots just below to grow two more buds. This will multiply the amount of main buds that your plant grows. As your plant goes through its vegetative phase you should continue to pinch tops. Every time a top forms you pinch it, multiplying the amount of top buds your plant generates.

This technique takes practice to master. You may kill a few tops before you get the hang of it but when it works you will be in awe. When you are clipping the buds you will be amazed to see twin buds on each stem instead of a single bud.

Some experts say that pinching could diminish the size of the top prize buds. However if you are growing under the sun, experience has shown that this affect is minimal. My theory is that most plants only reach 50% of their potential growth anyway, so if you pinch back you plants and continue to give your plants ‘pro-like’ care, your big bud yield should not be affected. Your big tops should be just as juicy and the pinching will encourage smaller branches below and on the sides of the plant. This method yields much more overall weight. It works by actually adding more tops as well as adding more smaller branches, once you harvest the top buds you can allow the bottoms to mature and have a whole other harvest in a few weeks.

The Method

You should use you fingers to pinch back the tops of your plants. This works to seal the wound and is not as harsh as cutting with tools. A method known as FIY (fuck I missed) method has become a popular sub-method of pinching. This method was found on accident when a grower missed pinching the entire top. As a result the very bottom of the top remained and actually produced many flower buds from the shoot! This can turn a plant into a very bushy hedge looking thing with buds coming out every which way.

You should stop pinching your plants as soon as you see white hairs forming signaling the start of the flowering phase.

Here is a good video, the grower uses scissors which I prefer pinching with fingers but same method.