If you are going to do an grow marijuana outdoors you will need to grow mothers and clones in an indoor environment.  This is so the plants that you put outside have the best chance of survival and yield you optimal amounts of high quality bud.  Your indoor grow room doesn’t have to be as elaborate as some grow rooms, your goal is to just raise mothers, get clones and harden those clones for outdoor weather.

You will not need a light for budding since the sun will be doing that work.  All you will need is enough fluorescent lights to grow you mothers and clones. This means you need as much or as little space as necessary.  This area could be a closet or a grow tent or even a small room.

Once you have germinated you seeds you will place them in either small rock wool cubes or jiffy pots to develop into seedlings.  At this point the fluorescent light should be well above the tops of the sprouting seedlings.  Once the plants reach their vegetation stage you can lower lights down to within inches of the tops of plants.

For each strain you are grow you want to choose only the healthiest mothers.  Remove seedlings that are tall and lanky and lack many healthy branches.  You will only need one healthy mother plant from each strain to get the amount of clones you need for your outdoor grow.

For this type of indoor garden I suggest using soil and fertilizer versus something like hydroponics.  This will keep the process simple since this is a temporary indoor garden.  That being said, you should water your mothers once soil on the outside of the containers starts to feel dry.  Over watering is one of the most common mistakes people make with cannabis plants.

You should begin fertilizing your mothers with a vegetative fertilizer but also make sure not to over feed them.

Once you begin taking clones from your mother plants you will need to create or purchase a tent made for rooting clones.  This will be made of some kind of transparent plastic.  It will keep moisture in but allow light to shine through.  To get the best results from rooting clones you can place a heat mat under your moisture tent to encourage root growth.  The light should be kept well above the top of the incubation tent until all the clones are well rooted.