How to Take Cuttings | Cloning Your Plants
Once you have grown some plants from seeds you will want to clone them, first in order to determine the sex of plant, and then once females are identified you will want to replicate them. We do this by taking cuttings from a “mother” plant. If you are taking cuttings from a young plant make sure to take them off the main stem above the sixth node. If your mother is in Vegging phase then take the cuttings from the lower branches because these will have more hormones.

Equipment: The list of things you will need is as follows. Rubbing alcohol, a very sharp pair of scissors or snips, cloning gel or cloning powder, a brand new razor blade, clean paper towels, the medium you intend to grow your clones in. You should probably wear latex gloves to be safe. Procedure: First gather all your equipment and make sure it is all within arms reach, make sure the gel container is open and the tools have been sanitized with the alcohol. Choose the branch you are going to clone, when you make your cut make sure to leave yourself plenty of stem so that it has a lot of surface to grow roots. Clean up 2 or 3 of the bottom leaves but don’t cut too much, leave a nice little top. This process takes practice to master. Once you have the branch snipped, slice the stem vertically leaving to sides of the stem. This gives even more surface area to grow roots.

Next, quickly snip about 1/3 of each leaf off, this enhances transpiration and gives you a better chance at success, as the person has done in this picture;

Now dunk the stalks in the cloning gel and make sure to get as much of it on the there as you can. Place the clone in your medium and push down on the medium to make sure the clone is stable, BE GENTLE! There you have it, you have taken a cutting, in a few weeks it should be taking off!