Maybe you are a medical marijuana patient who needs to pass a random drug test, or maybe you are a casual smoker who lives in a state with harsh marijuana laws. What you do on your time is your business but with over 55 million drug tests administered nationwide, the fact remains that if you work in America, there is a good chance you may need to pass a drug test.  There is tons of discussion on the internet about this topic but here at East Coast Marijuana we want to give you one source where you can find out everything you need to know about drug tests and what has worked for people in the past and what hasn’t.


THC is the active ingredient in marijuana, THC COOH is the metabolite that drug screeners are looking for.  It is important to know a little bit about marijuana metabolites to pass a drug test successfully.  Marijuana metabolites are fat soluble, meaning they will be stored in fat cells.  This makes them hang around longer versus if they were water soluble meaning it is easier for them to show up on drug tests.  However, no test is 100 percent fool proof.

Hair follicle drug test

Hair follicle drug tests are looking for drug metabolites that have been secreted through the blood and taken up into hair follicles.  Opponents of this drug test argue that the test is bias, rightfully so.  The type of hair you have and the color of your hair.  People with darker skin and darker hair are more sensitive to this test.  Also people with grey hair tend to be less sensitive to this test since grey hair seems to not uptake as much of the metabolite.  It has also been shown that exposure to high humidity dilutes the metabolites in your hair follicles.  So if you are trying to get around this test maybe a trip to the sauna is in order.

Urine drug test

90 percent of all drug tests given in the United States are in the form of a urine test.  This test cannot detect the presence of an illegal drug, instead it detects metabolites leftover form consumption.  This is bad news for cannabis users since marijuana’s metabolite can hang around in fat cells for weeks after consumption.   The best way to avoid detection of this drug test is to dilute your urine.  Keep in mind that diluting your urine will only give you the effect you want while your urine is diluted.  Once your urine concentration is back to normal the marijuana metabolites will still be there.  The trick here is that diluted urine looks very clear as opposed to the normal yellowish color.  To avoid this take plenty of b vitamins before your test.  B vitamins are water soluble and your body eliminates what it can’t use through your urine.  The B vitamins will make your urine a very bright yellow color making it less obvious that you are trying to dilute your pee.

How to get your urine clean naturally

In order to pass a urine test by diluting you will need to consume diuretics.  Diuretics are substances that cause your body to produce more urine instead of absorbing the fluid.  Examples of diuretics are coffee, cranberry juice, asparagus and teas marked as ‘flushing’ or ‘detoxifying’.

Using Fake Urine

Using synthetic urine is not recommended by us.  The reason is that the results are not as positive as the other methods of passing a drug test.  People report that they have either failed their drug test or the testers have found out that the urine was synthetic yielding unwanted results.  Although some people report having good results from using fake urine, these reports usually come from people who have not been drug tested recently.  The other issue is that most testers are ‘looking over your shoulder’ when you give them the urine sample so it is hard to replace your pee with the fake stuff.

What has been your best drug test experience?  Comment below with what has worked and what has failed for you.