Most advanced growers use different lights to Veg their plants and flower their plants.  So what Grow Lights HID lighting

High Intensity Discharge lamps are used for street lighting, stadiums and parking lots at high wattage and for household lighting at lower wattage’s, HID lights come in two groups;

Metal Halide lamps and High Pressure Sodium lamps

To keep it simple, both are good choices when growing plants, HPS lights are more efficient and are the preferred choice for most advanced growers.  However most growers choose to only flower plants under such lights because an even more efficient light will do the job for vegging.  HID lights need lots of ventilation and cooling and should be kept at least 18 inches of the tops off your plants (depending on the cooling system).
Fluorescent Lighting

Florescent lights are the most efficient way to veg plants, taking it a step further, CFL’s (compact fluorescent lights) are the most efficient way to veg plants. They run cool and therefore can be placed near the tops of plants. They need little cooling and run pretty cheap.  You can get different colors in the bulbs spectrum as well, find a bulb with more blue for vegging plants.

LED lighting

LED lights are a relatively new thing in the grow world.  They produce alot of light with a small amount of energy.  At first they sound like a sure winner, however they do tend to be expensive and require many lights to cover a big grow area.  Most medical marijuana experts agree that LED lighting does not produce the same quality medicine as an HID light.