The mornings are getting chilly, the sun is setting sooner, and your plants are budding hard!  There is nothing better than this time of year for outdoor growers.   The smell of decaying leaves is a dead give away to whats around the corner, harvest season.  You have prepared all winter, done the work all summer, and now you aready to reap the rewards of your labor.

During this stage of your grow you should keep some things in mind.  Remember to stop pinching your tops.  However many tops you got to multiply is set in stone at this point and now it would just be damaging to pinch the tops.

Switch to your flowering fertilizer.  Organic users choose bat guano, fish emulsion and sea weed extract.  Be sure to feed the plants a generous amount, you are not so worried about burning the leaves at this point.

Water your plants less,  this is a careful balance.  You want to allow your buds to get very sticky and resin filled.  They do this because they are trying to save themselves from drying out.  You don’t want to go too long without watering and stunt the bud development.  This is one of those tricks that you will get better at with experience.

Don’t harvest too soon.  This is the most common error I have seen among outdoor growers.  It occurs for a few reasons.  One reason is that while outside and moist, the buds look thick and dense, but once dried they end up light and airy.  Particularly with the underneath buds.  The other reason is nerves.  It is hard to keep big budding plants in the woods, you don’t want them stolen or raided, at this point they are the most vulnerable but you must hold your ground.  You did all the work and waited this long, hold out for the big score!

Allow your underneath buds to flower an extra two weeks or as needed to mature.  They have not gotten the light the big colas have had and can use the extra time to develop.  This can add ounces to you harvest per plant.

If you stick it out during this time of excitment you will be sitting on a great havest you are happy with.  Don’t jump the gun and don’t get lazy during this crucial time of development.  Enjoy!