Marijuana seeds germinate without any additional hormones.  They will germinate with water, air and the right temperature.  The temperature is not very hard to achieve since the seeds are not picky, they will germinate in temperatures ranging from 70-90 degrees F.  Germinating seeds will increase the chances of seedlings growing strong.  Often times when they are not germinated seeds will spring up out of the grow medium and usually die.  Here is a step by step process to germinate your marijuana seeds.

–  Place seeds in a paper towel and fold in half.

–  Label the paper towel with a black marker the name of the strain in which the seeds are.

–  Dampen the paper towel until it is saturated.

–  Put some water in a plastic cup and place the paper towel in the cup but not so it touches the water.

–  Cover the cup to make sure it is completely dark

–   Check in 2 days for germination, some seeds may take up to a week.

The water seeps into the seeds activating dormant hormones.  This is the best and most reliable way to germinate marijuana seeds.  If you choose not to germinate your seeds you run the risk of the seeds pushing up and out of their grow medium.