When growing outdoors you need to pick your marijuana plot locations wisely.  No matter which location you choose one variable will remain the same, water.  You will need to have a water source nearby or have some way of delivering water.  For most growers pumping or irrigating water is not practical so they will need to be certain there is a good water location in the area.

The other important variable is available sunlight.  Deciding on how open to grow your plants is a high risk high reward principle.  The more open you get, the more sun your plants will get but the more likely your plants are to be discovered.  This is one reason why I suggest you only plant 5-10 plants in one plot.

So now that we have talked about water and available sunlight, the last variable is accessibility, how easy is it to get to?  The best plots I have seen were used for 20 years or more without detection.  These plots were in the middle of bogs surrounded by streams that webbed out all over the bog.  You were never more than a tenth of a mile from a road when in this plot but you could get lost and turned around very quickly.  You needed to cross waist deep water at least once to get to the patch and it provided time and time again.

Its downfall was in times of heavy rain.  The area would flood easily and if it sustained, entire plots would get root rot and be lost.  So this bog, like many, had very good sunlight and was very hard to detect.  It however was very difficult to get to (especially when lugging in supplies) and the area flooded easily.

The contrary is to choose a plot above the flood plain in an open cutting.  This would fulfill the requirement of sunlight and would be easier to get to but would also be easier to get detected.  Some patches of forest and clear cuts are very hard to navigate and so large it would be hard to find 10 plants if you were told where to look.  Often times perfect spots higher above the flood plain have limited water access but you may get lucky and find a stream.

I mention in my main article on ‘how to grow weed outdoors’ that using pro mix bails is a great way to grow.  In bogs it is, you can cut the bottom of the bail and the pro mix will absorb moisture from the soggy bog, in forests and clear cuts this will not work, holes will need to be dug to keep plants moist.

This is what you are dealing with when deciding on where to put you marijuana plot. You need to find all the right elements to make the perfect plot.