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How to Grow Weed | Organic Fertilizer

Growing organic anything can be very rewarding.  Growing marijuana organically can be extremely rewarding, think about it.  An herbal medicine grown in its natural elements, providing relief for so many conditions, truly priceless.  Since people will be ingesting the herb… Continue Reading →

Summer Grow Season

The East Coast is hitting it’s grow season stride. With most of the seaboard starting the season off with a lousy month of May, late June and July has made up for it with plenty of sun and enough rain… Continue Reading →

Finding the Perfect Plot Location

When growing outdoors you need to pick your marijuana plot locations wisely.  No matter which location you choose one variable will remain the same, water.  You will need to have a water source nearby or have some way of delivering… Continue Reading →

Indoor Grow Room for Outdoor Plants

If you are going to do an grow marijuana outdoors you will need to grow mothers and clones in an indoor environment.  This is so the plants that you put outside have the best chance of survival and yield you… Continue Reading →

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

This ‘how to grow marijuana’ guide is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. This article will act to be a full guide of how to grow marijuana outdoors.  At East Coast Marijuana we have the experience of growing in… Continue Reading →

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