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How to Take Cuttings for Clones

How to Take Cuttings | Cloning Your Plants Once you have grown some plants from seeds you will want to clone them, first in order to determine the sex of plant, and then once females are identified you will want… Continue Reading →

Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds germinate without any additional hormones.  They will germinate with water, air and the right temperature.  The temperature is not very hard to achieve since the seeds are not picky, they will germinate in temperatures ranging from 70-90 degrees… Continue Reading →

Grow Lights 101

Most advanced growers use different lights to Veg their plants and flower their plants.  So what Grow Lights HID lighting High Intensity Discharge lamps are used for street lighting, stadiums and parking lots at high wattage and for household lighting at lower… Continue Reading →

Soil vs. Hydroponics

I have packed some fresh herb into the vaporizer and listening to The Doors, I am sitting down to write my first article in a long time on a subject that I know a little bit about.  Medical Marijuana or… Continue Reading →

10 Pros of the Grow Tent

I like grow tents and I will tell you why. In fact I will list the top 10 reasons why I love indoor gardening in a Grow Tent. 1. I AM NOT THAT GOOD AT CARPENTRY Now I know a… Continue Reading →

Cannabis Homemade Organic Pest Control

It doesn’t matter if you plan to grow a few plants in a closet or if you dream of becoming a care giver known for having the dankest bud in all the land, you will deal with pests and you… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Get Better Cannabis Clones

When cloning your mother cannabis plants you want to get the the best genetics from the mother in a clone that roots fast and grows up strong.  In order to streamline this process there are a few tricks you should… Continue Reading →

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