It doesn’t matter if you plan to grow a few plants in a closet or if you dream of becoming a care giver known for having the dankest bud in all the land, you will deal with pests and you will need to know how to deal with pests.  This article is a short guide into how to make and use homemade organic pest control solutions for cannabis plants.  This article is not about all the different pests you may encounter or the different types of pesticide you could use.

For many growers, remaining all natural is very important.  Going as far as to say they are 100% organic means using pesticides that are creative and come from mother earth.  The key ingredients found in most homemade organic pest control sprays include some kind of strong, hot or spicy smelling and/or tasting ingredient like cayenne pepper.  They also contain a powder or liquid with desiccating properties like baking soda (J.Cervantes).

It works best to take the ingredients and mix them in a blender with water and strain the resulting paste/liquid through cheesecloth.  Dilute this mixture with water and it is ready to apply.  A proper mixture is great for discouraging pests.  A good dose of homemade organic pest control solution works effectively on aphids, spider mites, thrips, scale and many more pests (J.Cervantes).  Be careful when using your homemade solution.  Try every batch on one plant first and wait a day or two to see what the effects are before applying to your entire garden (J.Cervantes).

When applying your homemade organic pest control to your cannabis plants, make sure to soak both sides of foliage until each side of the leaves are dripping.  The solution should be safe for humans but will have many dangers if it touches your skin or eyes.  Even though it is all natural no one wants this solution in their eyes.  Spray the solution on plants every few days and continue to spray after pests have seemed to vanished, there could still be eggs or adult stragglers.

Example Homemade Organic Pest Control Recipe

–          Half of a Lemon

–          2 table spoons Tobasco Sauce

–          3 Cloves of Garlic

–          3 small Cayenne Peppers

–          Baking Soda

Mix up all ingredients except salt in a blender with enough water to make a liquid.  Strain the mixture through cheesecloth.  Add water to the mixture for dilution.  Then add enough baking soda to make the mixture quite salty.  The baking soda will dry out the pests.

What recipes have you found to work well in your garden?