I like grow tents and I will tell you why. In fact I will list the top 10 reasons why I love indoor gardening in a Grow Tent.


Now I know a lot of people are thinking the skills involved aren’t that difficult, your right they are not that difficult, but I’m not that good.I like the fact that I can line a small room with a tent and remove it extremely easily.  You don’t have to damage your structure in any way (unless you want a hole for some sort of outside ventilation, in which case a window box would be better.)


All in all I think grow tents are fairly cheap, if you have a few different sizes you can have several different trials going on at once.  you can experiment with reflective materials, nutrients, mediums, growing methods, lighting etc.  Tents make it easy to separate different variables and having different sizes gives you space options, very versatile.  Also good to quarantine sick or infested plants while they are trying to be cured, like a hospital.   And again, easily disassembled.


Ok so your not confident enough with your building skills to create your own grow room.  Are you going to pay someone to do it?  Here is where the grow tent begins to pay for itself, it is easy to add things to it.  Most have sturdy places for hangers or light movers.  Tents have zip holes for ventilation and CO2 feeds as well as ports for electricity.  If you had to pay someone to set up a grow room with ventilation, hanger/light mover frames, grow room frame, reflective wall installed or painted


The walls of a grow tent are easy to clean, unlike mylar or a painted wall.  The floor is plastic and easy to keep clean if you keep your shoes out of there.  Parts like lights and fans are easily accessible for maintenance  or replacement.


If you are in a situation where your grow room changes a lot and you need to take your tent up and often, your safe, a quality tent is composed of sturdy posts and connectors and if stored properly should always be there for your use.  I like this because I have moved my garden on my property 3 times now as I expanded to more room.  And once gone the space where the grow tent occupied is ready to be used for something else.


Grow tents are designed to hold a certain atmosphere, kind of like a greenhouse.  If you keep it zipped up it will be tropical, great for vegging.  Open some vents and move some air and it will simulate a dry oncoming of Autumn.  Great for flowering.  Depending on how many and how powerful your lights are still dictates your ventilation requirements, but the tent makes it easy to stay consistent.


Alright, maybe this goes with number 1 but I can’t state enough how much I feel like my grow tent is a convenience.  It allows me to have the grow space I want and need for my garden with letting someone else know about it so they can build for it.  Now seriously,I  have built grow rooms in the past, I can make it work, but don’t plan on using the space for anything else in the future, who know what I’m saying?  A grow tent gives me the confidence to have an upscale garden where things are well taken care of and maintained (and neat).


If nothing else, a grow tent keeps the grow tidy and acts as a liner to your house.  The floor is waterproof protects your house floors from leaks and exposure to fertilizers etc.  Keeps lights and hot lamps away from your wooden beams or walls. The ventilation and reflective walls regulate the temperature better and make a grow tent a safe option.


For the price you save on hardware, time and labor you can easily purchase several different size tents and start several gardens quickly.  It is a simple one time investment that can be reused and stored forever.


I guess I can’t explain why I am so pro grow tent.  I enjoy unzipping the tent to peek at new development.  They way I can change my operation up and be creative with my methods and with my gear.  With the size and availability of today’s grow tents I would say even a care giver with 5 or 6 patients could benefit from using grow tents.  The only time when I could see a grow tent would be a disadvantage is in a huge commercial grow.  Keep it simple keep it neat, keep it cared for and a Grow Tent can help you produce the best medicine possible.